Inter-Tribal Environmental Council

" protect the health of Native Americans, their natural resources, and their environment"
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E-Enterprise for the Environment is the new model for how the States, Territories, Tribes and EPA collaboratively modernize the business of environmental protection to better improve the environmental and public health and reduce compliance costs and burdens on regulated entities.  

E-Enterprise Leadership Council (EELC) Tribal Representatives: 

  • Region 1, Marvin Cling, Passamaquoddy Tribe of Indians 
  • Region 2, TBD 
  • Region 3, TBD 
  • Region 4, Jerry Cain, Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians 
  • Region 5, TBD 
  • Region 6, Micco Emarthla, Co-Chair, Seneca-Cayuga Nation 
  • Region 7, Alisha Bartling, Santee Sioux Nation 
  • Region 8, Gerald Wagner, Blackfeet Tribe 
  • Region 9, Lisa Gover, Campo Kumeyaay Nation 
  • Region 10, Chris Price, Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska 

Useful links: 

EPA E-Enterprise Website

E-Enterprise for the Environment Website

Helpful Documents: 

Expense Statement & Flight Assistance Guidelines 

Flight Assistance Request

E-Enterprise Expense Statement for Reimbursement


E-Enterprise for the Environment



For more information please contact: 

Jason White

Chelsea Jones



Exchange Network

The Exchange Network is a partnership of States, Tribes, Territories and EPA working together to provide better access to high-quality environmental data. This is accomplished via automation of data sharing, standardization of data structures and real-time access through a secure Internet connection.

On December 1st, 2015, the Exchange Network Governance became part of E-Enterprise for the Environment. E-Enterprise for the Environment embraces a new model for collaborative leadership among environmental co-regulators, engaging with all interested and affected parties to achieve positive environmental, human health, and economic outcomes. It builds upon the foundation of the Exchange Network, recognizing the value of a proven communications and data analytics platform for sharing environmental information to foster informed decision-making.

The Exchange Network’s joint governance model of Federal, State, Territorial, and Tribal Partners working together has been adopted by E-Enterprise. Governance consists of the E-Enterprise Leadership Council (EELC), the E-Enterprise Executive Committee (EEEC), the E-Enterprise and Exchange Network Management Board (MB), and the E-Enterprise and Exchange Network Interoperability and Operations Team (IOT).

The Tribal Governance Group (TGG) is an ad hoc group of tribal professionals working on various aspects of the EN whose primary purpose is to ensure representation of tribal perspectives and issues in the overall Exchange Network governance structure, and to foster and enhance tribal participation in the Network. TGG members also serve as representatives on the EELC, the MB and the IOT.

The Cherokee Nation is an Exchange Network grant recipient and participates on the TGG and the IOT. Please visit for more information about tribal participation in the Exchange Network.



Tribal Exchange Network Conference: February 26-28, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Location in San Diego is TBA). 

 For more information please visit


Tribal EN conference